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Projects Gallery


Business & Innovation


Digital Solutions

  • Study of solutions related to Innovation and Industry 4.0
  • Problem Solving
  • Process Flow Engineering and Digitalization

Virtual CTO

  • Technology Stack Definition
  • System Architecture Development
  • Development Roadmap Design
  • Project Management

Business Support

  • Business plan Development
  • Business model analysis and definition


  • Presentation to our Angel Investors, VCs and Private Equity Funds network
  • Support in creation of Crowdfunding campaigns

Strategic Advisory

Administrative, financial & legal.

Tech Development

  • Creation of MVPs for market validation
  • Analysis and development of POC’s and Prototypes


Interaction platform for ground service management in the private aviation sector.


Boat Rental Support Platform.

Madame Miranda

Beauty on Demand platform.


App for meeting between tutors and students, online lessons with interactive whiteboard and integrated booking and payment system.


Service that uses the exchange of information between users who are looking for a parking space and users who leave it, allowing them to visualize on their smartphones the places available in the surrounding area. These data (parking location, parking time and car size), are provided anonymously by users when paying for parking.


Platform that connects those who need to shop in new cities with highly qualified local personal shoppers.


App for the creation, organization and management of events.


Social mobility service created for accompanying the elderly and children with a keen eye on environmental sustainability.


European Research Projects

Participation to consortia in the field of EU funded research. from Horizon 2020 to Pos-FESR to the recent Europe Horizon 2021-2027. Digging deep into the future being part of international teams aimed to evolve together through synergy.

Development of Internal Projects (S3)

Startup Studio activities related to the creation from the inside, market validation and set sail to the future.

Business & Innovation , European Research Project , Platform
Business & Innovation , European Research Project , Platform
Business & Innovation , European Research Project , Platform
Business & Innovation , European Research Project , Platform