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Software Development

What We Do?

Full-Stack Product Development

Simul Tech provides all-inclusive technology solutions comprehensive of tailored front-end and back-end developments. Thanks to the usage of up-to-date and trending front-end web technologies (e.g., AngularJS, React) and reliable and innovative back-end frameworks (e.g. Spring, Node.js) Simul Tech is able to provide its clients optimal solutions that help them to create and successfully tackle new marketing and business opportunities.

Data Visualization

In the era of Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning solutions, it becomes crucial to communicate information clearly and efficiently via e.g. statistical graphics, dynamic reports, information graphics and plots. Simul Tech aims at tackling this problem by providing well-suited Data Visualization solutions that can help its clients to see analytics presented visually and then to grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns among huge and strongly connected datasets.

Data Analytics

Big data analytics is the process of examining large data sets to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful business information. Simul Tech offers technological solutions to its clients to help them uncovering this information and let them build a solid ground for potential new business opportunities.

Decision Support Systems

Simul Tech exploits Natural Language Processing techniques, Speech-to-text, Voice Analysis, Recommendations Systems, Rules engines and Planning systems to develop modern and efficient Decision Support Systems for several different domains (e.g Crisis Management, Health, Industry).

Web Development

Simul Tech offers custom web solutions (based on well-know CMS frameworks like WordPress or developed as blazing fast static websites) not only to expand its clients’ online presence, but also to create for them new markets.

Mobile Development

Simul Tech develops both iOS and Android native apps and provide also support in the development of hybrid and cross platform apps, through the usage of well-know mobile development frameworks like React Native, Ionic and Phone-Gap.


The point of view of users and its interaction with the web and mobile platforms, the experience that surfing generates can determine the success or not of a commercial activity. Simul Tech has the appropriate competence to ensure that your products and services in general, can conquer your customers or end users, improving the return on your investment. User Experience, architecture, graphical interface and the site’s features are designed to create an ideal bridge between digital technology and user needs, best accepting the visitors and accompany them in the conversion process.

Cloud & Virtualization
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