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Training Activities

What We Do?

Continuous Training

Our training courses are designed to enhance the skills of internal resources and to attract external individuals seeking dynamic, asymmetrical growth. Our goal is to be able to create new capable professionals and build a valuable team.


Through the activation of internships and apprenticeships, we take direct responsibility for the creation of a working team always oriented to excellence.
Simul Tech has established for this specific purpose partnerships with the University of La Sapienza, the University of Roma3, LUMSA, Monster Recruiting, InfoJob and we are very active on LinkedIn.

Coaching & Team Building

The constant dialogue with the members of the team, also through the support of HR Professional coach, together with the sharing of the principles and of the corporate Mission are the core of the drive that Simul Tech produces in order to be highly competitive in an innovative sector such as software development.
Continuous team building initiatives allow to renew the trust that makes the concept SIMUL = TOGETHER a reality!